About goat milk

Natural benefits

Goat milk offers numerous benefits both in terms of nutrition and industrial use.

Nutritional values

  • Goat milk protein contains 80% casein and 20% whey proteins
  • Rich in essential amino acids, calcium and vitamins

Industrial benefits of goat milk

  • A lower heat stability compared to cow milk, which makes the buffer capacity greater/higher
As goat milk is the basic ingredient of our products, quality comes first when it comes to selecting goat milk suppliers.

Kwaligeit (Quali-goat)

As goat milk the basic ingredient of our products, quality is the most important factor when selecting our goat milk suppliers. All of Holland Goat Milk’s suppliers are certified under the quality control system ‘Kwaligeit’ (‘Quali-goat’). This system was developed in close cooperation with the goat milk suppliers department at the LTO (Dutch federation of agricultural organisations) and the NGZO (Dutch goat dairy organisation).

The aim of the quality control system is to improve the quality of the Dutch goat milk sector by monitoring several different aspects of the goat milk production process: company hygiene, animal medicine, animal health and welfare, feed and drinking water, milk production and refrigeration. In addition, Holland Goat Milk also has its own requirements with regard to CFUs, butyric acid and purity. Holland Goat Milk’s suppliers are rewarded when they comply with these extra stringent quality demands.